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Equestrian costume on the theme of Venice, entirely handmade, unique piece.

This saddle pad set with 100% cotton honeycomb lining and burgundy velvet neckline is topstitched, beaded and hand embroidered with rhinestone chains.

The equestrian Venetian mask is lined with leather, beaded and also hand embroidered topped with a real peacock feather headdress. PLEASE NOTE, this mask is a parade accessory and remains quite fragile. It is strongly recommended not to wear it outdoors when it is windy and rainy. Choose a dry and sheltered place. It is possible to walk and trot, but be careful if you gallop too vigorously as the feathers risk breaking.

SIZE: Horse
MAIN COLOR : Bordeaux
PATTERN : Baroque

Height (sides) - 62 cm

Length (back) - 70 cm

Equestrian costume - Burgundy Venetian ensemble

  • To hand-wash.

    No dryer.

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