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"Aileron" shape saddle pad made from an authentic Mexican polyester wool fabric, padding in 100% Oeko-tex certified polyester wadding with a thickness of 4.5 cm quilting and lining in Airmesh 3d fabric. The edge finishes are made of imitation leather/skai.

The 3d airmesh fabric has excellent air circulation property due to the sandwich structure. Therefore, this substance does not absorb water and is dry in no time. Thanks to the stability of the microfibers between the front and back, it also offers a very good cushioning effect. The material is also tear-resistant and does not shed fluff at friction points.

SIZE: Horse


PATTERN: Stripe/South America

LINING COLOR: Neon green


Height (sides) - 52 cm

Length (back) - 62 cm

Saddle pad - Aileron - Mexico Red

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