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°°° ATTENTION the colors in the photos are more vivid °°°

(see pantone reference in photos to see true color)

"Cut" shape saddle pad made from tartan printed polyester wool, imitation leather finish, metal buttons, fringes, 100% Oeko-tex certified polyester wadding padding with a thickness of 4.5 cm, topstitched in quilting and fabric lining Airmesh 3d.

The 3d airmesh fabric has excellent air circulation property due to the sandwich structure. Therefore, this substance does not absorb water and is dry in no time. Thanks to the stability of the microfibers between the front and back, it also offers a very good cushioning effect. The material is also tear-resistant and does not shed fluff at friction points. The border finishes are made of imitation leather/skai accompanied by metal buttons.

SIZE: Horse
MAIN COLOR : Raspberry / Black
PATTERN   : Tiles

Height (sides) - 55 cm

Length (back) - 64 cm

Saddle pad - Coupe - Raspberry Check / Black


    This saddle pad has the advantage of being able to be washed in the washing machine, but DO NOT Tumble Dry!

    Here are my tips for successful maintenance without damaging your carpet:

    - Start by removing almost all of the hair on the carpet using an adhesive clothing brush and finish with your vacuum cleaner for optimal results.

    tip : brown tape is as good and economical as an adhesive brush!

    - Moisten and rub the dirtiest areas with Marseille soap to pre-wash. BE CAREFUL if you skip this step there is a good chance that the traces will still be visible after washing.
    - Fold your rug inside out (honeycomb side against the walls of your machine) and place it in your washing machine so that it is crushed as little as possible.
    - Wash at 30° on the WOOL program and above all NO MORE! you take the risk of deforming your carpet and it will be irremediable

    // ! NO dryer! \\
    - Let it dry in the open air or in a dry place on a chair or other support.

    Please feel free to message me with any questions or additional clarifications regarding this item.

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